• If there was a failure during install, run tridentctl logs -l all -n trident and look for problems in the logs for the trident-main and etcd containers. Alternatively, you can use kubectl logs to retrieve the logs for the trident-********-**** pod.
  • If the Trident pod fails to come up properly (e.g., when Trident pod is stuck in the ContainerCreating phase with fewer than 2 ready containers), running kubectl -n trident describe deployment trident and kubectl -n trident describe pod trident-********-**** can provide additional insights. Obtaining kubelet logs (e.g., via journalctl -xeu kubelet) can also be helpful if there is a problem in mounting the trident PVC (the etcd volume).
  • If there’s not enough information in the Trident logs, you can try enabling the debug mode for Trident by passing the -d flag to the install parameter: ./tridentctl install -d -n trident.
  • The uninstall parameter can help with cleaning up after a failed run. By default the script does not touch the etcd backing store, making it safe to uninstall and install again even in a running deployment.
  • If Trident fails to start and the logs from Trident’s etcd container report “another etcd process is running with the same data dir and holding the file lock” or similar, then you may have stale NFSv3 locks held on the ONTAP storage system. This situation may be caused by an unclean shutdown of the Kubernetes node where Trident is running. You can avoid this issue by enabling NFSv4 on your ONTAP SVM and setting nfsMountOptions: "nfsvers=4" in the backend.json config file used during Trident installation. Furthermore, you should use kubectl drain or oc adm drain to cleanly stop all pods on a Kubernetes node prior to powering it off.
  • After a successful install, if a PVC is stuck in the Pending phase, running kubectl describe pvc can provide additional information on why Trident failed to provsion a PV for this PVC.
  • If you require further assistance, please create a support bundle via tridentctl logs -a -n trident and send it to NetApp Support.