3. NetApp Products and Integrations with Kubernetes

The NetApp portfolio of storage products integrates with many different aspects of a Kubernetes cluster, providing advanced data management capabilities which enhance the functionality, capability, performance, and availability of the Kubernetes deployment.

3.1. Trident

NetApp Trident is a dynamic storage provisioner for the containers ecosystem. It provides the ability to create storage volumes for containerized applications managed by Docker and Kubernetes. Trident is a fully supported, open source project hosted on GitHub. Trident works with the portfolio of NetApp storage platforms to deliver storage on-demand to applications according to policies defined by the administrator. When used with Kubernetes, Trident is deployed using native paradigms and provides persistent storage to all namespaces in the cluster. For more information about Trident, visit ThePub.

3.2. ONTAP

ONTAP is NetApp’s multiprotocol, unified storage operating system that provides advanced data management capabilities for any application. ONTAP systems may have all-flash, hybrid, or all-HDD configurations and offer many different deployment models, including engineered hardware (FAS and AFF), white-box (ONTAP Select), and cloud-only (Cloud Volumes ONTAP). Trident supports all the above mentioned ONTAP deployment models.

3.2.1. Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Cloud Volumes ONTAP is a software-only storage appliance that runs the ONTAP data management software in the cloud. You can use Cloud Volumes ONTAP for production workloads, disaster recovery, DevOps, file shares, and database management.It extends enterprise storage to the cloud by offering storage efficiencies, high availability, data replication, data tiering and application consistency.

3.3. Element OS

Element OS enables the storage administrator to consolidate workloads by guaranteeing performance and enabling a simplified and streamlined storage footprint. Coupled with an API to enable automation of all aspects of storage management, Element OS enables storage administrators to do more with less effort.

Trident supports all Element OS clusters, more information can be found at Element Software.

3.3.1. NetApp HCI

NetApp HCI simplifies the management and scale of the datacenter by automating routine tasks and enabling infrastructure administrators to focus on more important functions.

NetApp HCI is fully supported by Trident, it can provision and manage storage devices for containerized applications directly against the underlying HCI storage platform. For more information about NetApp HCI visit NetApp HCI.

3.4. SANtricity

NetApp’s E and EF Series storage platforms, using the SANtricity operating system, provides robust storage that is highly available, performant, and capable of delivering storage services for applications at any scale.

Trident can create and manage SANtricity volumes across the portfolio of products.

For more information about SANtricity and the storage platforms which use it, see SANtricity Software.

3.5. Azure NetApp Files

Azure NetApp Files is an enterprise-grade Azure file share service, powered by NetApp. Run your most demanding file-based workloads in Azure natively, with the performance and rich data management you expect from NetApp.

3.6. Cloud Volumes Service for AWS

NetApp Cloud Volumes Service is a cloud native file service that provides NAS volumes over NFS and SMB with all-flash performance. This service enables any workload, including legacy applications, to run in the AWS cloud. It provides a fully managed service which offers consistent high performance, instant cloning, data protection and secure access to Elastic Container Service (ECS) instances.