Managing Trident

Installing Trident

Follow the extensive deployment guide.

Upgrading Trident

The Upgrade Guide details the procedure for upgrading to the latest version of Trident.

Uninstalling Trident

The uninstall command in tridentctl will remove all of the resources associated with Trident except for the CRDs and related objects, making it easy to run the installer again to update to a more recent version.

./tridentctl uninstall -n <namespace>

To perform a complete removal of Trident, you will need to remove the finalizers for the CRDs created by Trident and delete the CRDs. Refer the Troubleshooting Guide for the steps to completely uninstall Trident.

Downgrading Trident

Downgrading to a previous release of Trident is not recommended. Refer the Troubleshooting Guide for downgrading Trident to a previous release.