Cloud Volumes Service (CVS) on AWS Configuration


The NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for AWS does not support volumes less than 100 GB in size. To make it easier to deploy applications, Trident automatically creates 100 GB volumes if a smaller volume is requested. Future releases of the Cloud Volumes Service may remove this restriction.

In addition to the global configuration values above, when using CVS on AWS, these options are available. The required values are all available in the CVS web user interface.

Option Description Example
apiRegion CVS account region (required) “us-east-1”
apiURL CVS account API URL (required)
apiKey CVS account API key (required)  
secretKey CVS account secret key (required)  
proxyURL Proxy URL if proxy server required to connect to CVS account http://proxy-server-hostname/
nfsMountOptions NFS mount options; defaults to “-o nfsvers=3” “vers=3,proto=tcp,timeo=600”
serviceLevel Performance level (standard, premium, extreme), defaults to “standard” “premium”

The required values apiRegion, apiURL, apiKey, and secretKey may be found in the CVS web portal in Account settings / API access.

The proxyURL config option must be used if a proxy server is needed to communicate with AWS. The proxy server may either be an HTTP proxy or an HTTPS proxy. In case of an HTTPS proxy, certificate validation is skipped to allow the usage of self-signed certificates in the proxy server. Proxy servers with authentication enabled are not supported.

Also, when using CVS on AWS, these default volume option settings are available.

Defaults Option Description Example
exportRule NFS access list (addresses and/or CIDR subnets), defaults to “” “,”
snapshotDir Access to the .snapshot directory, defaults to “false” “true”
snapshotReserve Snapshot reserve percentage, default is “” to accept CVS default of 0 “10”
size Volume size, defaults to “100GB” “500G”

Example CVS on AWS Config File

    "version": 1,
    "storageDriverName": "aws-cvs",
    "apiRegion": "us-east-1",
    "apiURL": "",
    "apiKey":    "znHczZsrrtHisIsAbOguSaPIKeyAZNchRAGzlzZE",
    "secretKey": "rR0rUmWXfNioN1KhtHisiSAnoTherboGuskey6pU",
    "region": "us-east-1",
    "proxyURL": "http://proxy-server-hostname/",
    "serviceLevel": "premium",
    "storagePrefix": "cvs-",
    "limitVolumeSize": "200Gi",
    "defaults": {
        "snapshotDir": "true",
        "snapshotReserve": "5",
        "exportRule": ",,",
        "size": "100Gi"