E-Series Volume Options

Media Type

The E-Series driver offers the ability to specify the type of disk which will be used to back the volume and, like the other drivers, the ability to set the size of the volume at creation time.

Currently only two values for mediaType are supported: ssd and hdd.

# create a 10GiB SSD backed volume
docker volume create -d eseries --name eseriesSsd -o mediaType=ssd -o size=10G

# create a 100GiB HDD backed volume
docker volume create -d eseries --name eseriesHdd -o mediaType=hdd -o size=100G

File System Type

The user can specify the file system type to use to format the volume. The default for fileSystemType is ext4. Valid values are ext3, ext4, and xfs.

# create a volume using xfs
docker volume create -d eseries --name xfsVolume -o fileSystemType=xfs