What is Trident?

Trident is a fully supported open source project maintained by NetApp. It has been designed from the ground up to help you meet your containerized applications’ persistence demands using industry-standard interfaces, such as the Container Storage Interface (CSI).

Trident deploys in Kubernetes clusters as pods and provides dynamic storage orchestration services for your Kubernetes workloads. It enables your containerized applications to quickly and easily consume persistent storage from NetApp’s broad portfolio that includes ONTAP (AFF/FAS/Select/Cloud), Element software (HCI/SolidFire), and SANtricity (E/EF-Series) data management software, as well as the Azure NetApp Files service, Cloud Volumes Service on Google Cloud, and the Cloud Volumes Service on AWS.

Trident is also a foundational technology for NetApp’s Astra, which addresses your data protection, disaster recovery, portability, and migration use cases for Kubernetes workloads leveraging NetApp’s industry-leading data management technology for snapshots, backups, replication, and cloning.

Take a look at the Astra documentation to get started today. See NetApp’s Support site for details on Trident’s support policy under the Trident’s Release and Support Lifecycle tab.