Command-line options

Trident exposes several command-line options. Normally the defaults will suffice, but you may want to modify them in your deployment. They are:


  • -debug: Optional; enables debugging output.
  • -loglevel <level>: Optional; sets the logging level (debug, info, warn, error, fatal). Defaults to info.


  • -k8s_pod: Optional; however, either this or -k8s_api_server must be set to enable Kubernetes support. Setting this will cause Trident to use its containing pod’s Kubernetes service account credentials to contact the API server. This only works when Trident runs as a pod in a Kubernetes cluster with service accounts enabled.
  • -k8s_api_server <insecure-address:insecure-port>: Optional; however, either this or -k8s_pod must be used to enable Kubernetes support. When specified, Trident will connect to the Kubernetes API server using the provided insecure address and port. This allows Trident to be deployed outside of a pod; however, it only supports insecure connections to the API server. To connect securely, deploy Trident in a pod with the -k8s_pod option.
  • -k8s_config_path <file>: Optional; path to a KubeConfig file.


  • -volume_driver <name>: Optional; driver name used when registering the Docker plugin. Defaults to ‘netapp’.
  • -driver_port <port-number>: Optional; listen on this port rather than a UNIX domain socket.
  • -config <file>: Path to a backend configuration file.


  • -address <ip-or-host>: Optional; specifies the address on which Trident’s REST server should listen. Defaults to localhost. When listening on localhost and running inside a Kubernetes pod, the REST interface will not be directly accessible from outside the pod. Use -address “” to make the REST interface accessible from the pod IP address.
  • -port <port-number>: Optional; specifies the port on which Trident’s REST server should listen. Defaults to 8000.
  • -rest: Optional; enable the REST interface. Defaults to true.


Trident communicates over the following ports:

Port Purpose
8443 Backchannel HTTPS
8001 Prometheus metrics endpoint
8000 Trident REST server
17546 Liveness/readiness probe port used by Trident daemonset pods


The liveness/readiness probe port can be changed during installation time using the --probe-port flag. It is important to ensure this port isn’t being used by another process on the worker nodes.